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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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be here. i know time is tight. i want to introduce jessica flores and i hope there is time for leticia garcia. so let me give it over to jessica to show a little bit of the success of the program. >> thank you. >> hello, good morning, supervisors, my name is jess ica flores. i'm an intern. i'm born and raised in san francisco. coming from a very competitive city, it's very difficult to find a job here. and being hard of hearing with disabilities it makes it even more difficult to find a job. when you have a disability you often find yourself in jobs like stock rooms and you feel very isolated and under
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estimated and under valued. so i was working those jobs and i was like, i don't like it. i'm going to better myself. i'm going to make changes. i want to be somebody better. i want to inspire people. about two years ago i applied to a college for animation and visual effects and it's really exciting being there. i love being there, but the thing that my school lacks is providing us with professional experience and they say that until you graduate. i said no, i don't want professional experience when i graduate. i'm going to have to pay student loans. i want this now. i was walking down the hall in school and i saw a big flyer and it said professional experience and i said yes. i want to put it on my resume and i went to an
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interview and now i'm here. they have offered me technical training and professional training and showed me what it's like to be a professional in a competitive environment. they have taught me what it's like to be a professional in three months more than what my school has taught me what it's like to be a professional in two years. this is actually an opportunity that i had with bay cat and basically my piece represents the idea if you want to make changes for yourself, no matter how hard it is you have to go out there and take chance. i hope you enjoy the video. thank you for your time. >> thank you.
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>> we've save the other interest. i want to honor the
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other speakers. thank you jessica, if it does cue up, we'll let it play. many of you know bay cat as a very long history in working with youth and i think part of that outreach question for us has been building that pathway. so there are two pathways and techsf is one of those programs ultimately that i feel for the first time, bay cat is going to be ten years old next year. in developing these pathways. education to employment is part of our vision from the very beginning. it has taken 10 years to build a youth program in the beginning of that pathway starting with kids as young as 11 years old and also building a bay cat studio. where many of our employers where i went to in many years they said is why would we hire
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your young people. i would say bay cat hires. instead of feeling sorry for them, please come and look at their work and see their skill set. it's really important for both the youth aspect and the other challenges as many of you know in heading non-profits and this is one important challenge when you ask for the help is that the digital divide is very present especially with our young people coming from under served communities, although how many hours they are not having access to the equipment to work on these areas. so as i say to you these status as an
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example, two of our interns are full time employed when they first applied. one is for a non-profit. i maun is working at trader joes. i think this idea of work status i'm just painting that context i know many of you are familiar and bay cat and my cohost programs. this grant. i want to give kudos to you and rhonda, this is the first track that we do have at the table that as city and government officials and as well as non-profit partners coming to the table. bay cat has been able to lefrnl our program based on that. this is a small part of the funding. it is a private public
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partnership. it requires a great deal more money to run the kinds of programs to break through some of these challenges that i just mentioned. so 50 percent of our young people are african american, 25 percent latino, and in spite of the statistic 27 percent are only women, 45 percent are women. only 30 percent completed high school and have that ged as far as that high school range. the idea of a pathway, we have 4 of our young people come k from youth program. the impact we have in our youth program and schooling is very important. we have been at ib wells and doing workshops for three weeks with one class. can we scale it up,
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yes, we would love that. part of that is a resource issue. we hope to go with the program outreach with the techsf outreach and we know many of our colleagues have been doing this kind of relationship building and i know this grant is a way for all our colleagues to come together and share their best practices. i talked a little bit about the youth pathway, the other thing i want to mention as far as the employer pathway and jobs and connections. we have 85 percent placed and currently employed and many of the skills we teacher videography, film production and web design and often the jobs out there are freelance jobs and that's something to keep in mine.
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sometimes the first stepping stone is finding your freelancer. bay tech is located in the industrial center. there are 300 other businesses there. part of the planning and research with did that led up to this internship program even before techsf was to actually survey the local businesses that are there. so you have start up people who started who is working in another start up in our building. we found that many of the local businesses want to work with our interns. as a matter of fact we had 30 businesses just within our building say that they want to do step up mentor and higher our interns. we know that employment is out there. we are looking at technology very broadly. we are going to bay cat studio client such as bank and health organizations and other government agencies
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because everybody is looking for people to create video and web content. that's one market we are looking into. i will be happy to answer any questions. >> i don't see any questions right now. >> all right. i would like to have jay from europe come up. >> good afternoon member of the committee. there is a couple comments i would like to make about your opening remarks about jobs about that require experience with less than four years degree. are the trainings here towards job and the coalition you see behind me is
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there is a direct channel from corporate partners into training providers and educational partners and they are being directly trained for the positions which is a phenomenal piece of the puzzle here. what i want to reiterate is the comment that carol made and what whe think of technologies are technology companies. they said to me do you understand that we higher more than google does. the find point i would make and i couldn't agree more that there is a different between low income and challenging and i know i speak for bay vac when i speak about the young adults and challenges they face. we
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look at 16 different risk factors in addition to low income. we look at prior incarceration, substance abuse, mental health. there is lot of different issues. we understand, i know as a coalition we understand the challenge that many of our young people face in our communities and the support we need to have that. we have three social works that help support our young adults through program. those are the comments i wanted to make but the common hear are the tall enter -- talent and with that i would like to introduce one of our talented young people. michelle. >> hello, thank you to the
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board of supervisors for an allowing know -- me to speak here today. i want to start with a history of myself. i'm 21 years old, born and raised in san francisco and have a son who is 9 months. growing up in high school, i was only the follower so i was looking around my environment to see what actually there really was and all i would see is young adults getting into trouble and youth going into street and hustling and doing all this bad stuff and i thought that was the way i had to live because that's what i saw. doing that it almost caused me to leave school. i found this program called united players and they flipped my life around and gave me a different perspective from my choices. from there i
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started helping out youth and tried to make a difference and i'm happy to say that i graduated and from then on i continued with my college learning but then i notice i still didn't have that energy, that support, that focus. because i grew up with a large family, my parents were working hard and i didn't have that support and motivation. knowing that my son was going to be on the way, i had to take a big risk which is basically put school to the side and find a job where i can provide for my son. i found a friend in the program and from there on i put all my energy, all my focus. i was already tech savvy as a young boy i self educated
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myself through google and i knew all that knowledge, but i didn't know where to apply it. europe came into effect through that and they helped me realize all the skills that i need in order to survive in a corporate environment. it really stood out to me. they gave me the opportunity that i once thought i could never have. not only did they teach me the tech skills but the business and professional ask ills to survive in that environment. everybody was understanding and supportive. now i'm exceeding my expectations and i'm really trying hard to find a career that i'm interested in and i feel that technology is the way to go. if it with respect to for this program, i would
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probably be on the streets and maybe my son would have followed my bad steps . now from being a follower i'm now a leader and i can say that hopefully i get employed because i'm trying my best, but if not i'm networking with people around mozilla and something i'm really passionate about and this opportunity has made me realize that i have a chance. and thank you for your time. >> > thank you. our last participant speaker is from bay vac. so carol vaney you want to introduce. >> it's my pleasure to introduce lillian cortez who has come to bay vacs and is now
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back through techsf. >> thank you for having. this is a surprise to speak. i'm going to give you a little bit of background. in 1995 i came from my country in cuba. i created a career in cuba but coming to the united states i was completely empty handed. i didn't know what to do. i did a little bit of research in the market and i realized i could go into the web area so looking around i found bay vac and that was my first step in my career, maybe a link. so i started media link and i became a web developer for the last # 13 years. so i got laid off in may of last year and again, i said what am i going to do. i have a
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web developer skills. this technology moves really fast. i need an intellect boost and i have to go back to school and again i went back to bay vac and they provided me with this course that i have been thinking about taking an i did it. i graduated in march 31st. i got a job which is a freelance job which is great with building a website and i'm shooting a video for them. so i'm very excited. i'm very appreciative of what bay vac has done. thank you. [ applause ] >> so that is what we do. just to answer one question that you had asked supervisor campos. i didn't have my glasses so i couldn't do it up here, but you
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asked how many of sf city companies have hired. i have that information. i want to say it out loud. in addition to the companies that heard, google, adobe, ebay and academy of arts have actually hired from that 26 pool that i said was hired. we track all that. so i can definitely provide you all with much more data by district anything you would like in that way. just a few comments from me and we have a number of other students that want to say something, public comment and i want to reiterate and thank you guys for having us come at the front. usually by the time i get to you all it's a year or two later. might take away what i heard is we really want to work with you on the outreach to make sure we are tapping in
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the districts in the correct way and connect with the leaders and we want to do that. the industry employers perspective we can always use help with that i have three others. so i personally can use assistance in health care and hospitality and construction because at the end of the day we are measured by the ability to place these folks in the private market. and the last thing for me and the team in general is that obviously this is slated. it has a finite in terms to see and we have to figure out ways to continue the life of the grant and continue what we started. a lot of the
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academies that we have started were seeded one way. each has a story to where i received seed money to start it and knock on wood we've been able to keep these going. i will definitely be working with you all calling you to get into that. with that i think we have figured out how to show the video but not have sound. that will require more. sew -- so we'll end with that and i believe you have some cards for public comment. >> thank you, you mentioned the companies of those 26 jobs how many came from those companies? >> so the sf city members of those companies that have hired from that pool, 5 companies
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have come out of sf city and adobe, google and academy of arts. >> is it like one person per company? >> yes. it's one person per company. >> we have a video. we don't have any sound. >> okay. send us a link. we are going to have to keep moving. okay. first up. colleagues, there is no other comment or
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questions? perfect. i'm going to open for public comment. i'm going to call a few names. please lineup to my right here. what we'll do first. okay. let's hustle. >> hello. my name is walden and i would like to submit a letter to the record. director of sf city. in the interest of the time i will only read a boars of the full letter. sf for technology and innovation was established to harness
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innovative powers for students facing problems in san francisco. our 200 members represent over 30,000 employees in san francisco. in a short period of time we have at that period into the talents that have addressed issues in our city. job creation, transportation, education and public safety. sf city is committed to helping san francisco pursue career in our city's striving sector. improved critique los -- curriculum and local schools and career opportunities with n the sector. letting the skill
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sets speak for themselves. we now hope to work with city and community leaders into these efforts into a cohesive pipeline to participate in our thriving sector. >> thank you very much. what's your affiliations? >> i work with sf city. i'm a project manager. >> next speaker is letty brown. you have two minutes. >> hello, i'm an intern at bay cat. i was born and raised in san francisco. growing up i didn't have access to the media industry and through bay cap i have been able to produce videos for clients and recently i was hired as a production assistant for hbo. this experience has really given me
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just more than >> my name is john. i came to bay cat. in the last three months i have seen incredible growth in both their technical skill sets and professional des demeanors. techsf has allowed
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us to get hands-on access to professional equipment, to real projects working with real clients and building a real professional portfolio and we've been able to gain training to a professional culture to start up large companies and tech corporations and as the field is changing we've been able to provide training and really provide and protect themselves in an industry where you are connected to the clients. i feel very grateful to be coordinator in the techsf program and please ask to please continue to give support to this program as it's really an allowing them to gain experience they are not able to get anywhere else. >> thank you very much. okay,
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next speaker. >> edgar garcia. >> good afternoon everyone. i'm an intern at bay cat. some of the things i have learned here is how to operate a camera. how to produce and manage and work in a group environment and how to work as a leader. i feel it is my responsibility to share my knowledge with others and i work for an after school program in the mission district, jamestown. and pretty much i just have a quick story. we had this skateboarding event and i asked some of my fellow interns if they wanted to come out and help me videotape this and they agreed and not only were the kids having fun and
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learning, but it just provided -- it was an awesome experience we had. i borrowed some of the equipment from bay cat and tripods and cameras and the kids were having a great time learning and being creative. i feel that bay cat provides a different type of creative outlet such as video making and recording and animation and what a great feeling it is to tell people and professionals that you can do that. thank you. >> thank you. next we have britney janis and following i ammian. >> i'm the development manager
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at bay cat. i'm happy that you have given us the opportunity to share the wonderful impact that the program that bay cat has been able to provide. our new focus area opt committee that determines for the next five years for under served people and definitely the techsf program is filling that need an i see that everyday through my work at bay cat. what i wanted to bring up is the in network of people that people have been really able to leverage through program. when we are doing the piloting and creation of this program, i interviewed tons of businesses about what they are looking for and what the